Now featuring seasonal weekly appetizers, entrees, crepes, french breads, croissant sandwiches, and pastries available for pickup, or delivery through chomp in addition to catering and cooking class options!


Check us out on CHOMP for delivery and up to date seasonal menus, or connect with us on facebook or instagram to see what we are up to and place an order for pickup! Catering menus for special occasions are featured below!

Valerie: a French chef painting the town red in Iowa City

Valérie Martin was born in Paris and raised between Brittany, Paris and the Basque Country in Southwestern France. She discovered her passion for French cooking early, exploring Parisian restaurants at a young age. She learnt to cook with her grand-mother, a Cordon Bleu cook. Valérie spent an exciting 15 years in Africa, where she discovered new dishes, learnt to expand her palate and work with fresh spices.

 Valérie moved to Iowa City in 2008. Here, she started catering for private events in 2010 and settled into her historic 1905 eastside home with a fully licensed kitchen in 2015. She caters weddings, birthdays, University of Iowa events, Rotary Club breakfasts, and many gourmet private dinners.

 She enjoys most introducing her clients to new dishes and flavors, and collaborating on menus for special meaningful events within reasonable budgets!


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For special events, and with advance notice, more options are available! See the menus below for some ideas of the catering options available/ But Valerie will also work with you to make sure you are happy, tell us your budget and we will create your perfect custom menu . She can accommodate most diets, including vegetarians, gluten-free, vegan, elderly folks, and more! (Price subject to change) *More you order Lower are the Prices

France is known its wide variety of wines and cheeses, and for its cuisine based on fresh ingredients bought at the farmers’ market. It’s also known for multi-course dinners, which are as much about socializing and conversation as they are about the extraordinary food served!


French cuisine can be very sophisticated, with a thousand-year history of complex dishes for royalty and nobility. It can also be very fresh and simple – that is what French families cook in their daily lives.


Each one of France’s 26 regions has its own cuisine, wines and cheeses. Brittany is known for crêpes served with cider. Alsace is known for its choucroute. Coastal regions incorporate seafood into their dishes. The Loire Valley and other regions of central France are known for a variety of patés. Burgundy is known for its escargots. Marseille has its famous bouillabaisse.

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1509 Muscatine Avenue, Iowa City, IA, United States 319-621-5567

Valerie can accommodate a variety of events: Weddings, Birthdays, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Buffets, Private Dinners, Graduation Party, University Events, Festivals, etc.

We can create various theme: Classic, Boho, Chic, Vintage... and we can adapt to special diet: Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free...

Valerie and her skilled staff can deliver and/or serve a personalized "chef-in-your-kitchen" event. She can also provide drinks, place settings, wine glasses, and decorations for a truly sublime experience.
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Cooking classes for all ages

Valérie will soon be offering cooking classes for groups of 6-8. If you are interested, let her know! Classes will be tailored to your wishes, and have in the past included: Crêpes and croissants, Eclairs, Madeleines, rolled trout, Boeuf Bourguignon, “Last meal on the Titanic” and much more! Contact information can be found under the CONTACT tab.
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For any deposit or payment are available:  credit card, Venmo, check or cash.